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POSTCP Card payment

Nets Cloud@Connect for card payments

First things first - open up Settings and search for “Nets”. Fill out the fields with the information provided by your Nets contact.

Under “Locations” in settings create a new location for every Nets terminal you plan to use.

  • Open up a location/Create a new location and make sure “Card payment” has “Nets Cloud@Connect” selected.
  • In the “Nets Cloud@Connect terminal ID” field add the Nets terminal ID found on the physical terminal itself (check your terminals user manual for the exact location). One location has to match with 1 terminal.

Next, assign the newly created location to a user (Settings → Users → <chosen user> → Locations).

The setup is now complete. All payment requests done through Directo should be going to Nets cloud servers.


Using Chrome and Empifis

For LT/LV Empifis solution You need to download Directo DLL agent (found here This application will act as an intermediary between Directo and Empifis hardware.

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