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POSTCP Card payment

Nets Cloud@Connect for card payments

First things first - open up Settings and search for “Nets”. Fill out the fields with the information provided by your Nets contact.

Under “Locations” in settings create a new location for every Nets terminal you plan to use.

  • Open up a location/Create a new location and make sure “Card payment” has “Nets Cloud@Connect” selected.
  • In the “Nets Cloud@Connect terminal ID” field add the Nets terminal ID found on the physical terminal itself (check your terminals user manual for the exact location). One location has to match with 1 terminal.

Next, assign the newly created location to a user (Settings → Users → <chosen user> → Locations).

The setup is now complete. All payment requests done through Directo should be going to Nets cloud servers.


Using Chrome and Empifis

You need to download Directo DLL agent (found here This application will act as an intermediary between Directo and Empifis hardware.

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